Releasing October 3, the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack captures the stirring, faith-driven message of Facing the Giants. Artists include the best-selling groups Casting Crowns and Third Day, along with four other artist tracks and five orchestral songs from the movie score.
  1. "Come Together" - Third Day
  2. "Voice of Truth" - Casting Crowns
  3. Facing the Giants (Score)
  4. "Finding You" - Bebo Norman
  5. The Deathcrawl (Score)
  6. "Completely" - Ana Laura
  7. Gift from God (Score)
  8. "Come On Back To Me" - Third Day
  9. "Never Give Up On Me" - Josh Bates
  10. The Fight (Score)
  11. "With You" - Mark Willard
  12. Attempting the Impossible (Score)