Take a look at these inspiring stories from people who have seen FACING THE GIANTS.
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"I just came home from seeing the movie. It was incredible! I am most impressed with your church to take such bold steps of faith. Thank you for the challenge to believe just how big our God truly is. I pray this will only be the beginning. Thank you for being a shining example, because I am sure you faced many giants of your own in seeing this through to reality. I was inspired in so many ways. In my quiet time with the Lord this morning, I was reading in Philippians where Paul was looking for "what may be credited to your account", speaking of the Philippians. I can truly believe God will credit this and much more to your account the results we will never know this side of heaven. May His richest blessings fill you as you continue to reach the masses for Him!!"

"I just wanted to write and THANK YOU for FACING THE GIANTS! What a blessing! I am the Senior Pastor of OAK HARBOR COMMUNITY CHURCH in Mason, Ohio. I took my wife and kids to see the movie this past Saturday. It so touched my family that I did a "personal commercial" in both of our services Sunday morning...encouraging our congregation to get to a theater that afternoon. I told them that in all of the movies I've seen over the years...never has there been a film that honors God more than this one. For the first time in my life, I have seen the same movie 3 times in 3 days...and let me tell you...it has encouraged my soul! I took notes during the movie...using my cell phone as a flashlight...and wrote down several things that can be applied to our church. This movie has encouraged me to move forward in faith...facing our fears...and trusting God with the results! What can keep God from doing what He wants to do in this area? NOTHING! Only Eternity will reveal how many lives were touched and transformed because of FACING THE GIANTS! "
"I want to thank you for making the movie "Facing the Giants." I found it to be every bit as professional as Hollywood's best films. The packed audience at the theater yesterday was cheering, clapping and crying throughout the film. We need more films like this! I want to share with you how the film affected me personally. My wife and sons had to literally drag me to the theater yesterday because I'm not really into football. Initially, I expected to be bored. However, I immediately got caught up in the film and am now so glad I went. It was the best movie I have seen in years. I couldn't stop crying because so much of the movie was an amazing, if not exact parallel of my own life. It was as if the movie was written with me in mind. I tried to hide my tears. I was so completely caught off guard and so completely overwhelmed by the whole experience. I knew in my heart of hearts that God had brought me there so that I might hear His message of faith and hope and redemption. You see for the last twenty years, in every area of my life, spiritual, family, professional, I have let the giants of fear and failure rule me. In the 1980's I served as a minister of activities in two large churches in Mississippi and Dallas. After several disappointments I left the ministry disillusioned. I became a truck driver, a windshield repair man, a web page designer, anything I could do to run away from God's call on my life. I allowed the giants to control my destiny and I have been in the proverbial belly of the whale ever since. When you intentionally place yourself out of the will of God, all success is fleeting and meaningless. I want to thank you for rousing the whale and waking me up to a truth I had long since forgotten, that with God all things truly are possible. After watching your film I rededicated my life to Christ and from this point forward I'm going to prepare my fields for rain, focus on giving God my best, and leave the results to him. Even if the rains never come to my fields again, even if the rest of my life is wrought with more failure, I will still love and trust God! Thank you again for making "Facing the Giants." I am certain that God is using your film to touch, bless, and change many other lives."
"I thank God for you and your staff and pastor for the vision to put out such a dynamic, faith filled movie. We took 53 people, 2 hours away to see Facing the Giants on Saturday afternoon. I even encouraged the bus driver, who I did not know, to go and see it. Everyone could not stop talking about this movie and its many messages. The bus driver told me afterwards, that he was supposed to be on this trip. He was drawn closer to God as a result of seeing this, and like most of us had tears in his eyes. GOD'S GREAT BLESSINGS ON GETTING HIS MESSAGE OUT IN THE THEATERS. I cannot wait until this comes out on DVD and can be shown to our entire church and hopefully area schools. Thank you again and I will continue to pray for God to give you and your staff more visions for more great Christian movies."
"I just wanted to let you know that after seeing your movie Friday night, I emailed several people, encouraging them to see it. I thought it was the most faith-affirming movie I've ever seen. I don't support your movie because I think believers should support believer-made movies, I support your movie because I think it's a GREAT story about faith, and instructive about how we have to praise God whether we win or lose. A great, great movie, and one I'll continue encouraging others to see."
"My husband and I and another couple went to see FACING THE GIANTS last night. What can I say but ... WOW!! It was totally awesome and is right up there with my most favorite movie of all."
"Alex Kendrick said that God is the best director. I think God is also the best writer. I think this film has the potential to bring more glory to God than any other Christian film I've ever seen. Congratulations on a job well done!"
"Just a few minutes ago, I returned home from seeing FACING THE GIANTS. I must say that I was touched by the film and had the wet eye about a third of the time. More than that, I found that the basic principles presented in the movie to be those that I have personally found true in my life and ministry. In Christ ... we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. (Romans 8:37) True victory comes through knowing Christ and following His will and direction."
"I have been saved for 32 years and this movie spoke to me. In the past, I have seen God perform mighty miracles, but in the last few years it has been tough. My wife and I have been pretty sick, but God has always met our needs. This movie served to rejuvenate my faith in a tough time. In fact. I believe there was one line written specifically for me. Please thank the screenwriter for me."
"Thank you for having the vision to do this within your church. You indeed readied the fields for the rain. Your story - on and off screen - is one to be heard."
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