Sports Advisory Board Letter
Read what some top NFL, College, and coaching greats have to say about FACING THE GIANTS. Letter is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

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"FACING THE GIANTS is a great movie about how God can change lives on and off the football field. Every family in America should see it."
- Dan Reeves, NFL Coaching Great

"FACING THE GIANTS carries a wonderful Christian and family message. I'd like for everyone to see it!"
- Mrs. Tom Landry, widow of legendary Coach Tom Landry of the Dallas Cowboys

"Family Values" is an overused and in some quarters misused concept. Still, this is a family values movie that should be seen by every nuclear family and every community of families. I don't like football movies generally. The football parts aren't realistic. This is an exception. Well done!"
- Vince Lombardi, Jr., speaker and son of legendary Packers Coach, Vince Lombardi

"FACING THE GIANTS is a fantastic family movie. It is one that talks about real life situations and the types of things that our young people are going through all across this nation. It will make you laugh... it will make you cry... it will get you excited not only about the sport of football, but about living for God and having your priorities right where they belong. I recommend it highly!"
- Coach Mark Richt, University of Georgia Head Football Coach

"An excellent family film with everything in it. tenderness, care, love and faith. FACING THE GIANTS is a great movie!"
- Yale Lary, Pro Football Hall of Fame

"As a former player at all levels and as a parent and grandparent of players, FACING THE GIANTS allowed me to revisit the many life lessons that can be learned from the great game of football."
- Don McIlhenny, businessman and former Dallas Cowboy

"At some point in our lives, we all say "Why?" (like in the locker room scene). Then we turn our life, our family, our job, our circumstances over to God, and let him have room to work."
- Coach Jerry Moore, head football coach of the national champions, Appalachian State University

"I was moved emotionally and spiritually by the message of FACING THE GIANTS. It is different when a Christian coach is portrayed in a positive light, and when God answers prayer by changing people's lives. I believe the movie will have an impact on many people who watch it."
- Randy Allen, Texas State High School Champion Coach

"Football requires a tremendous amount of discipline and obedience, as does our walk with Christ. It was wonderful to see how our faith journey and spiritual disciplines apply to life, even in regards to football. I loved the film."
- Rich Landis, Dean of Students and Head Varsity Football and Baseball Coach Southlake Christian Academy, Huntersville, NC

"FACING THE GIANTS deals with real-life issues coaches face. As a former coach, I've lived through much of what Coach Grant Taylor experienced. As a result, I was drawn into the emotions of his experience and was moved by the story."
- Ron Frank, FCA Lake Michigan Regional Director Former College Baseball Coach

"FACING THE GIANTS is an inspirational film that teaches life lessons."
- Grant Teaff, President, National College Coaches Association

"FACING THE GIANTS is a modern-day reminder that David still takes aim, giants still fall, and we often see best when our eyes are closed. While Hollywood prepares its next batch of high-budget blockbusters, FACING THE GIANTS provides a deeply inspiring story packed with timeless truths. Be prepared for it to impact your daily life."
- Charles Chandler, sportswriter Member of Pro Football Hall of Fame board of selectors

"FACING THE GIANTS is a wonderful portrayal of the impact a Christ-centered coaching platform can have in touching lives in ways that last a lifetime. We would love every coach to have an opportunity to see it, and are enthusiastic about the movie and its relevance to our expanding coaches programs around the country."
- Norm Evans, President, Pro Athletes Outreach Former player for undefeated Miami Dolphin Super Bowl Champions