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In the midst of all the summer blockbuster movies, the one film that has been capturing the media's attention is FACING THE GIANTS, a little film produced by a church that won't hit movie screens nationwide until September 29. If you lead a team (a small group, Sunday school class, youth group, or staff team), you'll want to be sure to bring them to a showing on opening weekend.

This is the film that has already made national headlines because it was rated PG for religious content. If you liked "Remember the Titans," "Hoosiers," or "Rudy," you'll love this great underdog story that shows the power of faith and prayer in dealing with life's problems. Take a look below at what sneak-preview audiences are saying about FACING THE GIANTS.

"FACING THE GIANTS is a great movie about how God can change lives on and off the football field. Every family in America should see it."
- Dan Reeves, NFL Coaching Great

"Sterling! Compelling! Captivating! My wife and I laughed and cried throughout this terrific movie. We were on the edge of our seats."
- Joe White, president, Kanakuk Christian Sports Camps; founder, Kids Across America

"We need more films like FTG to influence our culture in a positive way."
- Mike McCoy, Champions for Today

"FACING THE GIANTS speaks to people on many levels. It shows kids how to compete as a Christian athlete. It shows coaches how to integrate faith into their coaching. And it speaks to the unique relationship between coaches, players and parents. This is a must-see movie if you're a fan of faith and football. I applaud the church that produced this film and Hollywood for releasing it. Give 'em Heaven!"
- Rod Olson, FCA Coaches Ministry Director

"FACING THE GIANTS is exactly the kind of movie I want my family to see."
- George Barna, founder of Barna Research

"Finally, a family film that men and teenagers will watch! I was unprepared for the impact. Beyond the pain and pressure of sports, beyond the bling and the bang, I rediscovered the true nature of victory."
- Dr. Jay Strack,

"Here's a movie that has it all...and at the top is faith, hope and love! This isn't just a motion picture, it's an experience! A delightful thing to watch, rich with values, role models and some of life's most important themes!"
- John Hull, President/CEO of EQUIP

"Interwoven in a powerfully entertaining sports movie is a life-transforming message. Everyone is overwhelmed by problems at times, and desperate to find real purpose and meaning in life. This movie is superb in every way!"
- Dr. Doug Carter, Senior Vice President of EQUIP

"What an uplifting story of faith overcoming fear! We live in a world where fear and bad news seem to dominate our thoughts. It's good to know someone is putting a positive message in the movies that will encourage people from all walks of life."
- John Maxwell, NYT Best-selling author, speaker, and Founder of INJOY and EQUIP

"Pop the popcorn. Gather the whole family. Be sure to bring the tissues. Then get ready for this film to grab you. I found myself engaged in this story and identifying with this husband/coach who refuses to let the word "failure" define him. Inspiring. Heartwarming. A true film for the whole family."
- Bob Waliszewski, Director, Plugged In Department, Focus on the Family

"Facing the Giants was fantastic, like a Christian Remember the Titans. Great for family and great for the community. I highly recommend it for quality entertainment and outreach!"
- Ron Forseth, Vice President, Outreach, Inc.