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Grant Taylor (Alex Kendrick)
After six losing seasons as head football coach at Shiloh Christian Academy, Grant Taylor discovers that a group of fathers is working to have him fired. Although a loving husband and man of integrity, Grant battles with fear and failure as he searches for purpose and meaning in his life.

IN REAL LIFE: Alex Kendrick serves as Associate Pastor of Media for Sherwood Baptist Church and teaches a televised Bible study seen in Southwest Georgia.

Brooke Taylor (Shannen Fields)
Brooke Taylor is a source of strength for her football-coaching husband, Grant. While supporting him as he pursues success on the football field, Brooke struggles with the loss of her dream of having a child.

IN REAL LIFE: Similar to her role in the movie, Shannen Fields is the wife of Jimmy Fields, the head football coach at Sherwood Christian Academy. Shannen works as the bookkeeper and children’s director at her church.

JT Hawkins (Chris Willis)
JT Hawkins Jr. is the special teams coach for the Shiloh Eagles. Though discouraged when a star player transfers to another school, this assistant coach’s faith and sense of humor keep him going in what looks like another tough season.

IN REAL LIFE: Chris Willis works for Frito Lay in the Albany area. He has seven children and teaches Sunday school to teenagers.

Brady Owens (Tracy Goode)
Assistant coach Brady Owens respects Coach Grant Taylor as a friend, but he must choose whether to stand with him or with a group of fathers who are secretly lobbying to make Brady the new head coach.

IN REAL LIFE: Tracy Goode serves as associate media director at Sherwood Baptist Church and is a radio announcer for local high school football teams.

David Childers (Bailey Cave)
David Childers would much rather play soccer than football, but Shiloh has no soccer program. Settling for the option to be second-string kicker for the football team, David’s small frame and lack of football skills discourage him. Though supported by his father, David continues to battle with his insecurities.

IN REAL LIFE: Bailey Cave played football at Sherwood Christian Academy and is now a freshman at Darton College. He is interning under multiple youth leaders to prepare for ministry.

Larry Childers (Steve Williams)
After moving to town, Larry Childers enrolls his son David into Shiloh Christian Academy to help him become a strong man of faith. Though Multiple Sclerosis has bound Mr. Childers to a wheelchair, his integrity and strength will not allow him to give up the fight to help his son succeed.

IN REAL LIFE: Steve Williams works as a regional manager for an agricultural chemical manufacturer. He also serves as a deacon and Sunday school teacher at his church.

Brock Kelley (Jason McLeod)
Brock Kelley is the defensive captain for the Eagles and the most influential player on the team. However, his half-heartedness on the field and apathy in the classroom tend to permeate through the ranks of the team. If Coach Grant Taylor can somehow turn Brock around, Brock will have a new type of influence on his teammates.

IN REAL LIFE: Jason McLeod is a junior at Georgia Southern University where he works with the football chaplaincy program. Jason wants to be a college minister, and he enjoys going on mission trips overseas to share his faith.

Matt Prater (James Blackwell)
Matt Prater transferred to Shiloh after being kicked out of Westview High School. Though his father hopes that Matt will earn a football scholarship to college, Mr. Prater doesn’t see Coach Taylor as being the one to make the needed difference in Matt’s life.

IN REAL LIFE: James Blackwell played football for Sherwood Christian Academy and enjoyed acting in school plays. He works at American Fun Park and is a sophomore at Darton College.

Bobby Lee Duke (Jim McBride)
Bobby Lee Duke is the most intimidating football coach in Georgia. With three state championships under his belt, everyone expects his Richland Giants to win it all again this year. Coach Duke trains his players to win at all costs, and is willing to run over anyone who tries to stand in his way.

IN REAL LIFE: Jim McBride serves as executive pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church. Jim was a professional wrestler and later a plant manager at Coca-Cola before being called into ministry.